"Our mission: to inspire and make beauty accessible to all – regardless of context and resources."

Our Story.

Andrea Tabocchini Architecture (ATA) is an award-winning architectural and design practice based in Italy working in different countries and cultures. Their collaborative work spans a broad range of scales and typologies, from private buildings to interiors, landscapes, scenographies, artistic collaborations, and civic spaces.

Founded by Andrea Tabocchini after working in internationally renowned firms such as OMA / Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Kengo Kuma & Associates in Tokyo, Japan, and RCR Arquitectes in Olot, Spain, the studio is born from the desire of inspiring communities, giving a voice to spaces, and making beauty accessible to all - regardless of resources and the context in which it operates. His projects have been published internationally and have received many recognitions including The Plan Award, RTF Sustainability Award, Inspireli Award, and Archi-World Academy Award.

Our Values.

Simple and timeless, our values tell who we are, what we believe in, and how we work.

BEAUTY – We believe that beauty makes the world a better place and we work on each project with enthusiasm and dedication to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of the context and the resources available. Beauty is not superficial: it is an inner value that testifies and stimulates respect, well-being, and trust in ideas, people, and the future.

STORYTELLING – Considering the social, cultural, and environmental context in which it falls, each of our projects tells a unique story that gives a voice to spaces, blending tradition and innovation, and transforming the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

COLLABORATION – Our studio is always open to new collaborations: we love working with and for people who have dreams - individuals, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, organizations, and administrations - convinced that the contamination between different people and cultures is a priceless gift that generates social and cultural progress.